Project Description

Year : 2016

Client : By Grevin

Chaplin’s World, the first museum dedicated to Charlie Chaplin, is in Vevey, Switzerland. There are three areas open to the public.

Le Manoir de Ban is a superb mansion overlooking Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps. Chaplin lived here from 1952 to 1977 and the mansion has now been fully restored. In the Studio, a new building housing a replica Hollywood studio, visitors can take a step back in time to rediscover some of his “Little Tramp” work. There is also a vast 6 hectare park.

The designers wanted the public to experience first-hand Charlie Chaplin’s personal and family life in Switzerland. Chaplin’s World immerses the visitor in the world of the famous film-maker through a fun, interactive experience.

3 high-tech spaces

Plentiful family archives, 30 wax models (created by the famous Grévin waxworks) and a large number of audiovisual documents and photographs provide a total immersion experience into the public and private life of Charlie Chaplin.

Inytium was commissioned to install the audiovisual technologies, lighting and automation in the mansion and studio.

The technologies provided by Inytium:

  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Video
  • Automation (Medialon Manager)

There are three places to visit at Chaplin’s World:

  • The replica Hollywood studio tells the story of Chaplin the film-maker and immerses the visitor in his work.
  • The Manoir de Ban, a Swiss cultural heritage building and Chaplin’s last home, recounts the private life of the man and his family
  • The Park, a place so dear to Chaplin’s heart, invites visitors to stroll through its lush vegetation and enjoy “a breathtaking view”.

All three spaces offer many interactive experiences, immersive zones and multimedia areas based on Chaplin’s film work and personal possessions.

What could be more “immersive” than entering scenes from the Little Tramp movies? You can visit an exact replica of the barber’s shop which appeared in The Great Dictator, venture into the wooden cabin of The Gold Rush, which gives way under your feet, and be filmed on the moving conveyor belts in Modern Times.

There will be a number of temporary exhibitions in 2018/19. Jean-Pierre Pigeon told us: “Charlie Chaplin is such a rich character that we could not display everything in the permanent exhibition so we will be adding to it with temporary exhibitions on the site. I’m already thinking about it. Perhaps in 2018-2019.”

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