Project Description

Year: 2015/2016

Client: Town of Eupen

The Old Abattoir in Eupen (Alter Schlachthof) is a collection of buildings in a remarkable architectural style. The complex comprises some 2,000 m² and is located on a huge site immediately adjoining Eupen’s town centre. It was built between 1901 and 1903 in the Prussian industrial style that was popular at the time, and was used as a municipal abattoir until 1991.

The renovation project has breathed new life into the Old Abattoir!
The town’s Old Abattoir, with its spacious buildings, is currently being redeveloped to provide a venue for performing arts, exhibitions and cultural events of all kinds. This venue will be directly integrated within the concept of a “regional cultural centre” in the northern part of Belgium’s German-speaking community.

Inytium provided the whole audiovisual side with a Grand Ma 2 Ultra Light lighting systemRobe LED Wash 300 and Robe Viva motorised lights, and a whole range of traditional lighting equipment consisting of ETC profiles, PCs and DTS fresnels and MA dimmers.

This is complemented by Gerriets fabrics and a Prolyte stage.

As for the sound, the user selected L-Acoustics with a Kiva line source  all controlled by an Allen and Heath DLive S3000

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