Project Description

Inytium has been selected by ACT Lighting Design and Luc Petit CREATION to supply and install the lighting and sound system for the brand-new underground show in the Caves, called ORIGIN By Luc Petit.

The combination of the mapping designed by Marie-Jeanne Gauthé, the music composed by Benoît Chantry and the lighting conceived by Koert Vermeulen, all staged by Luc Petit, enhances the visit to the Caves.

The project context in itself is extraordinary, but its integration is also highly complex. With a constant humidity level of almost 99%, the risks of flooding, slippery rocks and mud, our teams spared no effort!

In addition to the rodent-proof cables, the heated and ventilated bays and the bespoke protective covers, the reliability of the manufacturers selected in this extreme environment was vitally important.

The installation work took no less than 420 hours and involved 1,800 metres of cable, 36 light fittings, 2 lasers, 7,200 watts of sound and an estimated average electricity consumption of 3.6 kWh.

The Q2, P2 and G4 projectors from SGM paint the walls of the cave with a grandMA 2 Replay Unit for the controls while the Kvant lasers enhance the whole.

As regards the sound system, Entasys speakers from the manufacturer Community broadcast Mr Chantry’s tune through two 19” Adamson subwoofers to accentuate the overall effect.

More information is available via the following links:–origin

Show teaser by clicking HERE