The tunnels beneath the Citadel of Namur


Year: 2017 Client : City of Namur Napoleon is said to have described the network of tunnels beneath the Citadel of Namur as 'the termite's nest of Europe'. As part of the implementation of a new exhibition in part of the tunnel network, Inytium has installed lighting, video projection, atmospheric audio, communications networks and programmable logic [...]

Antoing Cultural Centre

Year: 2015/2016 Customer: Antoing district council The Antoing centre has taken advantage of a complete building renovation to change all its stage lighting over to LED. With its 48 Zep 340 Fresnels  and 6 Zep 644sx profile spots, the centre now boasts the largest number of Robert Juliat LED spotlights in Wallonia! And no ambitious [...]

Beauraing Cultural Centre

Year: 2015 - 2016 Customer: Beauraing Cultural Centre Since it was built, the cultural centre has been looking for tools that would do full justice to its activities, including putting on performances, organising events, communicating with the public and serving as a meeting place for various associations. Inytium has come up with a technical solution [...]

Museum of Walloon Life

Year: 2009 Customer: Province of Liège Life in Wallonia is featured in this museum through a wide diversity of themes and a great variety of objects. This brand new arrangement is the result of state-of-the-art museography and scenography. The most sophisticated sound, lighting, video and interactivity technologies are deployed in this 13th century convent.   [...]

Brussels Info Place – BIP

Year: 2008 Customer: SineQuaNon Scenography: SineQuaNon The BIP is situated on the Place Royale, an emblematic place for the Region, in the very heart of the Mount of Arts, the museum district of Brussels. A must for every person keen to discover the capital of Europe in all its aspects, this reception centre for visitors [...]

Gruyères Castle

Year: 2008 Customer: Expérience International / Fondation du Château de Gruyères - Description of the project: Gruyères is situated in the green landscape of the Alpine hills of Fribourg. The Castle, among the most prestigious in Switzerland, dominates majestically the medieval city. The visit to the Castle features a promenade through eight centuries of architecture, [...]

Chaudfontaine Source O Rama

Year: 2005 Customer: City of Chaudfontaine Scenography: Ignacio Baranga Twelve attractions using the most sophisticated multimedia techniques bring the visitor face to face with the essential particular features of water, an element with astonishing properties and an immutable cycle. A highlight of the visit is the virtual voyage from the clouds to the spring through [...]

Africa Tervueren

Year: 2004-2011 Customer: Africa museum Scenography: Africa museum Areas of intervention: sound, video, automation, lighting The Royal Museum for Central Africa (RMCA) is one of the ten federal scientific establishments (FSEs) of Belgium. As a scientific research institute dedicated to Africa, it occupies an important place on the international landscape; as a cultural site, it [...]

Archéoforum in Liège

Year: 2003 Customer: Wallonia Heritage Institute Scenography: Expérience Internationale – Canada The Archéoforum, under the Place Saint-Lambert in Liège, is a monumental infrastructure of 3,725 m² (ca. 84 x 44 metres) – the largest in Europe in fact. Every stage in the history of Liège from prehistory to more recent times is illustrated there by [...]

Eurospace Centre

Year: 2000 Customer: Eurospace Centre Scenography: Lambert Multimedia A Space Odyssey… A voyage into space for a day. The many attractions include: – Indoor: a show tour with the Space Station, the American shuttle (life size) and the famous simulator ride… – Annual theme exhibitions. For more information, go to: