Project Description

Year : 2010

Client: Forum Invest

For one of the finest shopping centres of Forum Invest, Inytium followed the design of Koert Vermeulen, CEO of ACT LIGHTING DESIGN, who had been commissioned to illuminate the building as a whole and to create an elegant, modular ambiance for it. The developer wanted to multiply the possibilities for the seasons in a shopping centre:  Christmas, Easter, the sales, St Valentine’s, etc.

No fewer than 80 DTS RGBW bars were installed for that purpose.

In addition to the lighting, Forum Invest asked us to install a broadcasting system for different configurations such as conferences, concerts, etc.

For reasons to do with bulk and quality, we opted for the Metrix system from Adamson which was painted in the RAL colour of the walls for the occasion so as to be as discrete as possible.


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