Project Description

Year: 2008

Lighting design: ACT – Koert Vermeulen

Visitors to Asterix Park have since 5 April 2008 experienced an interactive adventure in the shoes of a Roman legionary. A new generation attraction for Asterix Park, Caesar’s challenge represents a record investment of €11 million.

In a training camp near Rome, Caesar is worried: He is in sore shortage of spies for a very special, high risk mission: infiltrate Gaule and help the Roman army conquer this rebellious land. For the Glory of Rome!

Visitors from all regions are encouraged to take part in the recruitment test to become an “elite centurion” in one of the special units and thus have a chance of becoming one of Caesar’s spies. The exacting Curriculum Vitae for infiltrating Asterix’s village incognito requires a candidate to be brave, valiant, combative and to take up successfully the 4 interactive challenges launched by Caesar which will plunge visitors in the very heart of the comic from a new perspective.

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