Project Description

Year: 2017

Client: Sambreville municipal authorities


“Crac’s”, the Sambreville Cultural Centre, opened in 1971.

It stages theatrical events, offers continuing education, provides support to organisations, and organises events, courses and ongoing workshops.

During the whole of 2017, the cultural centre underwent major renovation works. Inytium was responsible for all the audiovisual elements, including laying cables, mounting and connecting dimmers and other boxes, and of course supplying equipment.

For sound, the users chose the Adamson S10 system with 6 speakers and 2 x 19 inch subwoofers per side. The installation is fully Dante enabled thanks to the Lab Gruppen 12K44-BP amplifiers connected to the Allen and Heath DLIVES5000 console.

For lighting, the technicians took the opportunity to renew most of the LED equipment, specifically with ETC Lustr 2 profile spotlights and Robe DL4S and DL4X spotlights for moving heads. All this is controlled in the theatre via an Avolites Arena.

Two ADB Eurodim TT dimmer cabinets with 180 x 3 kW circuits cover everything needed, in a dim/switch version, for traditional lighting, LEDs and moving heads.


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