Project Description

Year: 2015

Client: Walloon Region Tourist Office

Accessible to the public since 22 May 2015, the 1815 Memorial in Braine-L’Alleud / Waterloo is a historical interpretation centre where the scenography immerses visitors into the world of the battle while giving them the keys to understanding this turning point in modern history.

The Memorial boasts 1815 square metres of premises where visitors can immerse themselves in a narrative scenography geared to the experience of the battle, in ample spaces, with a multilingual audio guide for every visitor. Dozens of multimedia features, spectacular objects and decors spread over the entire visit beckon visitors to relive that era.

The tour is based on a 4D Show which includes a fifteen-minute film by Gérard Corbiau, teeming with special effects and featuring a particularly elaborate sound track, which is projected in 3D on a 180-degree, semi-cylindrical screen and treats visitors to a multi-sensory experience of life-size battle scenes that makes feel is if they are at the very heart of the action.

The pre-show retraces the events leading to Waterloo from the French revolution to the eve of the battle.

The post-show deals with the fate of the combatants and the wounded, as well as the consequences of the battle for the geography of Europe.

For this emblematic project, Inytium has deployed audiovisual techniques (sound, video projections), lighting, automation and strong / weak current cables.


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© Photographies : Marcos Viñals Bassols et Olivier Anbergen