The Caves of Han

Inytium has been selected by ACT Lighting Design and Luc Petit CREATION to supply and install the lighting and sound system for the brand-new underground show in the Caves, called ORIGIN By Luc Petit. The combination of the mapping designed by Marie-Jeanne Gauthé, the music composed by Benoît Chantry and the lighting conceived by Koert [...]

Renovation of the Sambreville cultural centre

Year: 2017 Client: Sambreville municipal authorities   "Crac's", the Sambreville Cultural Centre, opened in 1971. It stages theatrical events, offers continuing education, provides support to organisations, and organises events, courses and ongoing workshops. During the whole of 2017, the cultural centre underwent major renovation works. Inytium was responsible for all the audiovisual elements, including laying [...]

La Louvière’s newly refurbished theatre

Year: 2016- 2017 Client : City of La Louvière The foundation stone of the La Louvière theatre, designed by architect Paul Emonts in the style of a ‘World Exhibition’ in the fashion of the times, was laid on 29 May 1958. It opened in 1960 and has since hosted many famous artists: Juliette Gréco, Claude Nougaro, Jacques Higelin, [...]

The tunnels beneath the Citadel of Namur


Year: 2017 Client : City of Namur Napoleon is said to have described the network of tunnels beneath the Citadel of Namur as 'the termite's nest of Europe'. As part of the implementation of a new exhibition in part of the tunnel network, Inytium has installed lighting, video projection, atmospheric audio, communications networks and programmable logic [...]

The Old Abattoir in Eupen

Year: 2015/2016 Client: Town of Eupen The Old Abattoir in Eupen (Alter Schlachthof) is a collection of buildings in a remarkable architectural style. The complex comprises some 2,000 m² and is located on a huge site immediately adjoining Eupen's town centre. It was built between 1901 and 1903 in the Prussian industrial style that was popular [...]

Cybernetic tower

Year : 2015-2016 Client : Balteau In 1961, the father of cybernetic art, Nicolas Schöffer, erected his most monumental and most sophisticated interactive installation in the Jardin d’Acclimatation and Parc de la Boverie, a listed site right beside Liège Conference Centre (Palais des Congrès de Liège). The cybernetic tower is a 52-metre-high abstract sculpture with an [...]

The European Parliament in Brussels

Year : 2016 Client : The European Parliament A new studio for the European Parliament The framework agreement signed between the European Parliament and Inytium includes the installation of a lighting system for two filming studios, one in Strasbourg and the other in Brussels. The Strasbourg studio has been in operation since 2014 while the Brussels [...]


Year: 2015-2016 Client: Louvexpo Louvexpo’s raison d’être is to showcase La Louvière’s major urban renewal plan and the increasingly dynamic region, both at home and abroad. Louvexpo is more than an exhibition hall. Today it is a multipurpose venue containing the full range of audiovisual equipment it needs to satisfy the most exacting demands of [...]

Mons Superstar

Year: 2015 Client: Mons Manège / Mons 2015 A compulsory passage for crossing the destinies of great men and women in the heart of the city and its region, Mons Superstar was the entrance door to this European year of culture. A voyage through to Mons dynamism to discover mad or thought-out wagers that were won [...]

Mons Superstar

Année: 2015 Client: Manège de Mons / Mons 2015 Passage obligé pour croiser les destins de grands hommes et femmes au cœur de la ville et de sa région, Mons Superstar fut la porte d’entrée de cette année européenne de la culture. Un voyage dans le temps du dynamisme montois, à la découverte des paris fous [...]

Train World

Year: 2015 Client: Eurostation Situated right next to the Schaerbeek train station in Brussels, Train World, the new railway museum of the SNCB [Belgian Rail], is a spectacular showcase of the history of railways, featuring the finest specimens of Belgian rail stock. A total experience 22 machines are exhibited in a universe made of sounds, [...]

Terra Nova Visitor’s Centre

Year: 2015 Client: City of Namur Housed in the old Terra Nova Barracks, the Visitor’s Centre retraces the history of an exceptional site which is inextricably tied with the history of the city it dominates. Against the backdrop of a dynamic and educational setting, 2000 years of European urban and military history are presented through [...]

The European Parliament

Year: 2015 Client: The European Parliament Inytium now also present in the European Parliament! The contract signed by and between the audiovisual unit of the European Parliament and Inytium comprises the supply of audiovisual and lighting equipment with a large proportion of low power consumption spotlights, and also the installation of the lighting structures for [...]

Waterloo – 1815 Memorial

Year: 2015 Client: Walloon Region Tourist Office Accessible to the public since 22 May 2015, the 1815 Memorial in Braine-L’Alleud / Waterloo is a historical interpretation centre where the scenography immerses visitors into the world of the battle while giving them the keys to understanding this turning point in modern history. The Memorial boasts 1815 [...]

The Reflektor

Year: 2014/2015 Customer: City of Liège Scenography by Michel Marty’s Bureau Scenarchie Ever since the Soundstation closed in 2008, Liège was in need of a concert hall of such a format.  That gap has now been filled with the Reflektor which has just opened in the buildings of the old Bains de la Sauvenière. Inytium, [...]

Hall 12 is a wow!


Year: 2013 Customer: Brussels Expo The First leg of the Néo project, Hall 12 is THE new concert hall in Brussels that can accommodate no fewer than 18,000 people. In that connection, Brussels Expo contacted Inytium for 2 different projects: To supply and install service lighting, for instance to light the hall while the audience [...]

The Eiffel Tower and its two new pavilions


Year: 2013/2014 Customer: Batec Inytium assumed the audiovisual arrangements for the Férié and Gustave Eiffel pavilions on a subcontract basis for Batec (VINCI Construction France). This first facility is more museology-oriented with an immersive show projected on 3 walls using 7 video projectors. You will also find a cultural path consisting of screens, touch screens, [...]

K in Kortrijk


Year : 2010 Client: Forum Invest For one of the finest shopping centres of Forum Invest, Inytium followed the design of Koert Vermeulen, CEO of ACT LIGHTING DESIGN, who had been commissioned to illuminate the building as a whole and to create an elegant, modular ambiance for it. The developer wanted to multiply the possibilities [...]

New tools for the RTBF

Year: 20010/2011 Customer: RTBF Inytium won an invitation to tender for the audiovisual renovation of Studios 2 and 4 of the Reyers site as well as for the sale and installation of the brand new audiovisual infrastructure of Media Rives, a versatile 1200 m² studio, which also happens to be the largest of the Wallonia-Brussels [...]

Museum of Walloon Life

Year: 2009 Customer: Province of Liège Life in Wallonia is featured in this museum through a wide diversity of themes and a great variety of objects. This brand new arrangement is the result of state-of-the-art museography and scenography. The most sophisticated sound, lighting, video and interactivity technologies are deployed in this 13th century convent.   [...]

Brussels Info Place – BIP

Year: 2008 Customer: SineQuaNon Scenography: SineQuaNon The BIP is situated on the Place Royale, an emblematic place for the Region, in the very heart of the Mount of Arts, the museum district of Brussels. A must for every person keen to discover the capital of Europe in all its aspects, this reception centre for visitors [...]


Year: 2008-2009 Customer: Coudenberg  A princely residence had dominated the city of Brussels on Coudenberg hill since the Middle Ages. Developed as of the 12th century, this architectural ensemble was one of the finest palaces of Europe and one of the main residences of Charles V. This prestigious building was damaged extensively in a fire [...]

Asterix Park

Year: 2008 Lighting design: ACT – Koert Vermeulen Visitors to Asterix Park have since 5 April 2008 experienced an interactive adventure in the shoes of a Roman legionary. A new generation attraction for Asterix Park, Caesar’s challenge represents a record investment of €11 million. In a training camp near Rome, Caesar is worried: He is [...]

Chaudfontaine Source O Rama

Year: 2005 Customer: City of Chaudfontaine Scenography: Ignacio Baranga Twelve attractions using the most sophisticated multimedia techniques bring the visitor face to face with the essential particular features of water, an element with astonishing properties and an immutable cycle. A highlight of the visit is the virtual voyage from the clouds to the spring through [...]

Africa Tervueren

Year: 2004-2011 Customer: Africa museum Scenography: Africa museum Areas of intervention: sound, video, automation, lighting The Royal Museum for Central Africa (RMCA) is one of the ten federal scientific establishments (FSEs) of Belgium. As a scientific research institute dedicated to Africa, it occupies an important place on the international landscape; as a cultural site, it [...]

D’ieteren Gallery

 Year: 2004 Customer: D’Ieteren Gallery Scenography: Urban Platform Ares of intervention: Light, sound, automation The D’Ieteren Gallery retraces the history of this venerable company through the different lines of business by 6 generations of D’Ieteren. These include in particular the manufacturing of horse-drawn vehicles, the construction of bodywork on bare chassis, the production, import and [...]